Welcome to the webcast pages for the LCA 2020 Conference, held at the Michael Fowler Centre, in Wellington, New Zealand. The Conference ran from Monday 18 January until Saturday 23 January

 The following links provide access to the various videos recorded during the conference. Not all rooms were handled the same way due to the logistics of cables and buildings.

Please note In some rooms there were significant issues with sound levels and quality (and use of microphones). In the edit process up to 45dB of gain has been added to recover audio. This also boosts the noise floor. If you find a recording with poor or bad audio, this is the best that can be achieved with what was available. One room has no audio. This is the downside of volunteer operated audio production. There was no full time technician controlling the audio feed from most rooms.  Civic1 is affected.
Session IDTitleSpeakerVenue (Room)Date
mfc-m-1Conference OpeningVariousMFC Main Auditorium18 Jan
mfc-m-2Ten Ways to Destroy Your Community
Josh BerkusMFC Main Auditorium18 Jan
mfc-m-3Sharing Package Copyright and Licensing Data Effectively
Kate StewartMFC Main Auditorium18 Jan
mfc-m-4Get your personal financial house in order with gnucash
Jacinta RichardsonMFC Main Auditorium18 Jan
mfc-m-5Partnering with Hardware Companies for Open Software
Joel StanleyMFC Main Auditorium18 Jan
mfc-m-6Accessibility requirements of software and implications for FOSS
Nic SteenhoutMFC Main Auditorium18 Jan
mfc-m-7The 100 Mile Client Roster
Emma Jane HogbinMFC Main Auditorium18 Jan
mfc-m-8Building a service business using open source software
Cameron BeattieMFC Main Auditorium18 Jan
mfc-m-9Being an Upstart - building FLOSS compatible businesses
Arjen LentzMFC Main Auditorium18 Jan
50348Keynote: Gabriella ColemanGabriella ColemanMFC Main Auditorium19 Jan
mfc-tu-2Going mad with MDADM
Steven EllisMFC Main Auditorium19 Jan
mfc-tu-3System deployment and bare metal recovery by ClonezillaSteven ShiauMFC Main Auditorium19 Jan
mfc-tu-4Samba4: We now do AD replication with windows
Andrew BartlettMFC Main Auditorium19 Jan
mfc-tu-5Linux Containers: virtualization without overhead or strange patchesSam VilainMFC Main Auditorium19 Jan
mfc-tu-6Being Lazy in a Large Organisation - Documentation by Wiki
Mark SuterMFC Main Auditorium19 Jan
mfc-tu-7Behaviour driven monitoring with cucumber-nagios
Lindsay HolmwoodMFC Main Auditorium19 Jan
mfc-tu-8Lies, damn lies, statistics and benchmarks
Devdas BhagatMFC Main Auditorium19 Jan
mfc-tu-9Edubuntu - supervised and controlled learning in a fun and free environment
Craig PearceMFC Main Auditorium19 Jan
mfc-tu-10Developing and Managing Linux SOE Environments
Matthew LyeMFC Main Auditorium19 Jan
50001System Admin (Sysadmin) Miniconf - see talk list belowSimon Lyall19 Jan
50003Puppet for Configuration ManagementJames TurnbullCivic 122 Jan
50014The Business of Open Source Miniconf - see talk list belowMartin Michimayr18 Jan
50015Education and OLPC MiniConf - see talk list belowTabitha Roder19 Jan
50016PostgreSQL Development TodayJosh BerkusMFC Main Auditorium20 Jan
50021Arduino Miniconf - see talk list belowJonathan Oxer18 Jan
50022Open Programming Languages Miniconf - see talk list below
Christopher Neugerbauer18 Jan
50024Data Storage and Retrieval Miniconf - see talk list belowPeter Lieverdink19 Jan
50026Changing NZ Desktop Stack to FLOSSDon ChristieMFC Main Auditorium20 Jan
50027Distro Summit - see list belowMartin Krafft18 Jan
50029A new Paradigm for Restricting ApplicationsZ Cliffe SchreudersRenouf 220 Jan
50036Interrupts considered harmfulPeter ChubbRenouf 221 Jan
50040Open source, Multicore and Parallel Computing - see list belowNicholas Erdody19 Jan
50045Open source and the public sector miniconf - see list belowDaniel Spector19 Jan
50046Multimedia miniconf - see list belowConrad Parker19 Jan
50048Xen Multi-function PCI Pass-ThroughSimon HormanRenouf 222 Jan
50051Bridging the gap Miniconf - see list belowTim Penhey19 Jan
50054Linuxchix/WIFLOSS/Haecksen Miniconf - see list belowJoh Clarke18 Jan
50055Wave Developers Miniconf - see list belowShane Stephens18 Jan
50056Mini Libre Graphics MeetingDonna Benjamin18 Jan
50062FOSS Fun with a WiimoteRusty RussellMFC Main Auditorium22 Jan
50076The Elephant in the room: Microsoft and free softwareJeremy AllisonIllott Theatre21 Jan
50081Open Sourcing the AccountantsJethro CarrIllott Theatre20 Jan
50089so you moved graphics drivers to the kernalDave AirlieRenouf 221 Jan
50091Patent Defence for Free SoftwareAndrew TridgellMFC Main Auditorium22 Jan
50100Teaching FOSS at UniversitiesAndrew TridgellMFC Main Auditorium20 Jan
50102A Big Phoney MeshDavid RoweRenouf 122 Jan
50107A Year of ClutterEmmanuele BassiRenouf 121 Jan
50112Transcendent Memory: a new approachDan MagenheimerRenouf 221 Jan
50119Thusnelda: Modernizing TheoraTimothy TerriberryRenouf 122 Jan
50125Writing Secure Privileged ProgramsMichael KerriskCivic 122 Jan
50131Space HacksAriel WaldmanIllott22 Jan
50132Towards GStreamer 1.0Jan SchmidtRenouf 121 Jan
50141The Kernel ReportJonathan CorbetMFC Main Auditorium20 Jan
50145What's New in the GNU Compiler CollectionJanis JohnsonRenouf 121 Jan
50149oFono: Open Source TelephonyDenis KenziorRenouf 120 Jan
50151The Hydras: Improving the C/C++ DevelopmentTaras GlekRenouf 121 Jan
50153Making the GPU do its jobCarl WorthMFC Main Auditorium22 Jan
50154Virtual Switching across hypervisorsArnd BergmanRenouf 222 Jan
50162Ceph: a scaleable distributed storage systemSage WeilRenouf 120 Jan
50163Unlocking the Ivory TowerClaudine ChionaRenouf 120 Jan
50168The Importance of open video on the webRobert O'CallahanCivic 122 Jan
50171Introduction to Game ProgrammingRichard JonesCivic 120 Jan
50178Making yourself popularMatthew GarrettMFC Main Auditorium20 Jan
50180HTML 5 video: How to process and publish videoSilvia PfeifferCivic 121 Jan
50181An updated directory structure for UnixMichael HomerRenouf 122 Jan
50182Flying Rockets with Free Hardware and Free SoftwareBdale Garbee, Keith PackardIllott Theatre20 Jan
50183Implementing HTML 5 Video in FirefoxChris DoubleRenouf 220 Jan
50184Lessons Learned from a Growing ProjectMichael KoziarskiIllott22 Jan
50189TUX on the Moon: FOSS hardware and softwareJonathan OxerMFC Main Auditorium21 Jan
50193Using Functional Programming TechniquesMalcolm TredinnickRenouf 121 Jan
50196Drupal under the hoodAngela ByronCivic 121 Jan
50198Electric FreedomPhilip CourtRenouf 120 Jan
50199Digging for Design PatternsNeil BrownIllott Theatre21 Jan
50200The Bravest Man in New ZealandPatrick BrennanMFC Main Auditorium22 Jan
50202The new Linux performance counter subsystemPaul MackerrasRenouf 122 Jan
50208Secure and Simple Sandboxing in SELinuxJames MorrisRenouf 222 Jan
50210Writing Effective Self Help GuidesEmma Jane HogbinIllott Theatre22 Jan
50230Superspeed me: USB3.0 for LinuxSarah SharpIllott Theatre22 Jan
50240Simplicity through OptimizationPaul McKenneyRenouf 121 Jan
50242The Implications of Using FOSSAnne ChinRenouf 221 Jan
5024850 Ways to Love your ProjectJosh Berkus, Selena DeckelmannIllott Theatre23 Jan
50249Mentoring for Fun and ProfitLeslie HawthornMFC Main Auditorium21 Jan
50250Open Source for Newbies: Tips for SuccessCat Allman, Leslie HawthornIllott Theatre23 Jan
50256The World's Worst InventionsPaul FenwickMFC Main Auditorium20 Jan
50260No Medium Found: When its time to stop tryingPeter MillerRenouf 220 Jan
50271pandora-build: Autotools made better fasterMonty TaylorIllott Theatre20 Jan
50273The Rebirth of XineramaAdam JacksonRenouf 221 Jan
50274Gearman: Map/reduce and QueuesEric DayMFC Main Auditorium21 Jan
50278Flapjack: rethinking monitoring for the cloudLindsay HolmwoodIllott Theatre21 Jan
50282Git Wrangling - advanced Tips and TricksScott ChaconIllott Theatre20 Jan
50286Hack Ability: OpenSource Assistive TechLiz HenryRenouf 222 Jan
50291Making production ready file systemsTheodore TsoRenouf 220 Jan
50294Fibre to the Premises - how will it change our worldTerry PercivalRenouf 120 Jan
50296PatchworkJeremy KerrRenouf 222 Jan
50297subunit: testing across boundaries for funRobert CollinsIllott Theatre20 Jan
50299Implementing an adaptive UIJon CruzMFC Main Auditorium22 Jan
50304Yubikey authentication in a mid-sized organisationRobert (Bob) EdwardsRenouf 221 Jan
50312Sahana Disaster Management SystemTim McNamaraIllott Theatre21 Jan
50314Using Launchpad forCode ReviewsTim PenheyIllott Theatre21 Jan
50315Sharing Userspace IO Devices for fast accessConrad ParkerIllott Theatre22 Jan
50322Building a Xapian index of WikipediaOlly BettsRenouf 121 Jan
50324Hacking the Drizzle Database ServerStewart SmithCivic 120 Jan
50328Using performance counters to optimizeBharata B RaoRenouf 220 Jan
50329Build your own contributors, One part at a timeDenise Paolucci, Mark SmithRenouf 220 Jan
50331Discarding Data for fun and profitMatthew WilcoxMFC Main Auditorium21 Jan
50332Survey of open Source DatabasesSelena DeckelmannMFC Main Auditorium20 Jan
50336Building a Database Kernel with LEGO like PartsBrian AkerMFC Main Auditorium21 Jan
50346PGP/GPG KeysigningJonathan OxerRenouf 2
50348Tuesday KeynoteGabriella ColemanMFC Main Auditorium
50349Wednesday Keynote - Benjamin Mako HillBenjamin Mako HillMFC Main Auditorium20 Jan
50350Thursday Keynote - Glyn MoodyGlyn MoodyMFC Main Auditorium21 Jan
50351Friday Keynote - Nathan Torkington & Lightning TalksvariousMFC Main Auditorium22 Jan
50352Geek my RideJonathan OxerIllott Theatre
50353Linux Australia Special General MeetingStewart SmithIllott Theatre
50354Newcomers sessionRusty RussellMFC Main Auditorium
50355Open Source for NewbiesCat Allman, Leslie HawthornIllott Theatre
50356When Free Software is against the LawColin JacksonRenouf 221 Jan
50357What's your StatusNetJon PhillipsRenouf 121 Jan
50358Web application security, OPEN styleMark PiperIllott Theatre20 Jan
ClosingConference Closing CeremonyvariousMFC Main Auditorium22 Jan

Arduino Miniconf
Session IDTitleSpeakerVenue (Room)Date
ftap-m-1Arduino Miniconfsession-1Frank Taplin Room18 Jan
ftap-m-2Arduino Miniconfsession-2Frank Taplin Room18 Jan
ftap-m-3Arduino Miniconfsession-3Frank Taplin Room18 Jan
ftap-m-4Arduino Miniconfsession-4Frank Taplin Room18 Jan
ftap-m-5Arduino Miniconfsession-5Frank Taplin Room18 Jan
ftap-m-6Arduino Miniconfsession-6Frank Taplin Room18 Jan
ftap-m-7Arduino Miniconfsession-7Frank Taplin Room18 Jan
ftap-m-8Arduino Miniconfsession-8Frank Taplin Room18 Jan
ftap-m-9Arduino Miniconfsession-9Frank Taplin Room18 Jan

Multi-Core and Parallel Computing Miniconf
Session ID Title Speaker Venue (Room) Date
ftap-tu-1 Multi-core and Parallel Computing Miniconf session-1 Frank Taplin Room 18 Jan
ftap-tu-2 Multi-core and Parallel Computing Miniconf session-2 Frank Taplin Room 18 Jan
ftap-tu-3 Multi-core and Parallel Computing Miniconf session-3 Frank Taplin Room 18 Jan
ftap-tu-4 Multi-core and Parallel Computing Miniconf session-4 Frank Taplin Room 18 Jan
ftap-tu-5 Multi-core and Parallel Computing Miniconf session-5 Frank Taplin Room 18 Jan
ftap-tu-6 Multi-core and Parallel Computing Miniconf session-6 Frank Taplin Room 18 Jan
ftap-tu-7 Multi-core and Parallel Computing Miniconf session-7 Frank Taplin Room 18 Jan
ftap-tu-8 Multi-core and Parallel Computing Miniconf session-8 Frank Taplin Room 18 Jan
ftap-tu-9 Multi-core and Parallel Computing Miniconf session-9 Frank Taplin Room 18 Jan
ftap-10 Multi-core and Parallel Computing Miniconf session-10 Frank Taplin Room 18 Jan

Open and the Public Sector MiniConf
Session ID Title Speaker Venue (Room) Date
ren-1-t1 Open and the Public Sector MiniConf session-1 Renouf #1 19 Jan
ren-1-t2 Open and the Public Sector MiniConf session-2 Renouf #1 19 Jan
ren-1-t3 Open and the Public Sector MiniConf session-3 Renouf #1 19 Jan
ren-1-t4 Open and the Public Sector MiniConf session-4 Renouf #1 19 Jan
ren-1-t5 Open and the Public Sector MiniConf session-5 Renouf #1 19 Jan
ren-1-t6 Open and the Public Sector MiniConf session-6 Renouf #1 19 Jan
ren-1-t7 Open and the Public Sector MiniConf session-7 Renouf #1 19 Jan
ren-1-t8 Open and the Public Sector MiniConf session-8 Renouf #1 19 Jan
ren-1-t9 Open and the Public Sector MiniConf session-9 Renouf #1 19 Jan
ren-1-t10 Open and the Public Sector MiniConf session-10 Renouf #1 19 Jan

Distro Summit
Session ID Title Speaker Venue (Room) Date
Civic-3-m1 Distro Summit session-1 Civic Suite #3 18 Jan
Civic-3-m2 Distro Summit session-2 Civic Suite #3 18 Jan
Civic-3-m3 Distro Summit session-3 Civic Suite #3 18 Jan
Civic-3-m4 Distro Summit session-4 Civic Suite #3 18 Jan
Civic-3-m5 Distro Summit session-5 Civic Suite #3 18 Jan
Civic-3-m6 Distro Summit session-6 Civic Suite #3 18 Jan
Civic-3-m7 Distro Summit session-7 Civic Suite #3 18 Jan

MultiMedia Miniconf
Session ID Title Speaker Venue (Room) Date
Civic-3-t-1 Multimedia Miniconf session-1 Civic Suite #3 19 Jan
Civic-3-t-2 Multimedia Miniconf session-2 Civic Suite #3 19 Jan
Civic-3-t-3 Multimedia Miniconf session-3 Civic Suite #3 19 Jan
Civic-3-t-4 Multimedia Miniconf session-4 Civic Suite #3 19 Jan
Civic-3-t-5 Multimedia Miniconf session-5 Civic Suite #3 19 Jan
Civic-3-t-6 Multimedia Miniconf session-6 Civic Suite #3 19 Jan
Civic-3-t-7 Multimedia Miniconf session-7 Civic Suite #3 19 Jan
Civic-3-t-8Multimedia Miniconfsession-8Civic Suite #319 Jan
Civic-3-t-9Multimedia Miniconfsession-9Civic Suite #319 Jan

Wave Developers Miniconf
Session IDTitleSpeakerVenue (Room)Date
ren-1-m1session-1Renouf #118 Jan
ren-1-m2session-2Renouf #118 Jan
ren-1-m3session-3Renouf #118 Jan
ren-1-m4session-4Renouf #118 Jan
ren-1-m5session-5Renouf #118 Jan
ren-1-m6session-6Renouf #118 Jan
ren-1-m7session-7Renouf #118 Jan
ren-1-m8session-8Renouf #118 Jan
ren-1-m9session-9Renouf #118 Jan

Haecksen and Linuxchix Miniconf
Session-IDTitleSpeakerVenue (Room)Date
ren-2-m1session-1Renouf #218 Jan
ren-2-m2session-2Renouf #218 Jan
ren-2-m3session-3Renouf #218 Jan
ren-2-m4session-4Renouf #218 Jan
ren-2-m5session-5Renouf #218 Jan
ren-2-m6session-6Renouf #218 Jan
ren-2-m7session-7Renouf #218 Jan
ren-2-m8session-8Renouf #218 Jan
ren-2-m9session-9Renouf #218 Jan

Education Miniconf

Session IDTitleSpeakerVenue (Room)Date
ren-2-t1Session-1Renouf #219 Jan
ren-2-t2Session-2Renouf #219 Jan
ren-2-t3Session-3Renouf #219 Jan
ren-2-t4Session-4Renouf #219 Jan
ren-2-t5Session-5Renouf #219 Jan
ren-2-t6Session-6Renouf #219 Jan
ren-2-t7Session-7Renouf #219 Jan
ren-2-t8Session-8Renouf #219 Jan
ren-2-t9Session-9Renouf #219 Jan
ren-2-t10Session-10Renouf #219 Jan
ren-2-t11Session-11Renouf #219 Jan

Open Programming Languages Miniconf

Session IDTitleSpeakerVenue (Room)Date
Illott-m1session-1Illott Theatre 18 Jan
Illott-m2session-2Illott Theatre 18 Jan
Illott-m3session-3Illott Theatre 18 Jan
Illott-m4session-4Illott Theatre 18 Jan
Illott-m5session-5Illott Theatre 18 Jan
Illott-m6session-6Illott Theatre 18 Jan
Illott-m7session-7Illott Theatre 18 Jan
Illott-m8session-8Illott Theatre 18 Jan
Illott-m9session-9Illott Theatre 18 Jan
Illott-m10session-10Illott Theatre 18 Jan

Bridging the gap

Session IDTitleSpeakerVenue (Room)Date
Illott-t1Session-1Illott Theatre 19 Jan
Illott-t2Session-2Illott Theatre 19 Jan
Illott-t3Session-3Illott Theatre 19 Jan
Illott-t4Session-4Illott Theatre 19 Jan
Illott-t5Session-5Illott Theatre 19 Jan
Illott-t6Session-6Illott Theatre 19 Jan
Illott-t7Session-7Illott Theatre 19 Jan
Illott-t8Session-8Illott Theatre 19 Jan

Libre Graphics Day

Session IDTitleSpeakerVenue (Room)Date
civic-1-m1Session-1Civic-118 Jan
civic-1-m2Session-2Civic-118 Jan
civic-1-m3Session-3Civic-118 Jan
civic-1-m4Session-4Civic-118 Jan
civic-1-m5Session-5Civic-118 Jan
civic-1-m6Session-6Civic-118 Jan
civic-1-m7Session-7Civic-118 Jan
civic-1-m8Session-8Civic-118 Jan
civic-1-m9Session-9Civic-118 Jan

Data Storage and Retrieval Miniconf
Session IDTitleSpeakerVenue (Room)Date
civic-1-t1Session-1Civic-119 Jan
civic-1-t2Session-2Civic-119 Jan
civic-1-t3Session-3Civic-119 Jan
civic-1-t4Session-4Civic-119 Jan
civic-1-t5Session-5Civic-119 Jan
civic-1-t6Session-6Civic-119 Jan
civic-1-t7Session-7Civic-119 Jan
civic-1-t8Session-8Civic-119 Jan
civic-1-t9Session-9Civic-119 Jan

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