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The R2 Video Page - Video for 2012

Funeral Service for Marjorie Avis
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120121Challenge Wanaka (triathlon)
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120122Where's R2 ?
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120126NZNOG Conference
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120130NZ Bloodstock National Yearling Sale
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120215Webstock 2012
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120220Commerce Commission Broadband Conference - the Future with High Speed Broadband
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120225New Zealand String Quartet - BEETHOVEN !  (concerts #1 and #2)
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120225aThe Allan Wilson Centre - Human Evolution
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120225b/The Wedding of Rachel and Hayden
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120303National Spelling Bee Final
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120306Swimming NZ - National Age Championships
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120308Reserve Bank of New Zealand Monetary Policy Statement
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120328Funeral service for Prof Sir Paul Callaghan
http://www.r2.co.nz/201203302012 Maadi Cup - NZ Secondary Schools Rowing
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120414NZ Symphony Orchestra "Firebird" concert
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120501Bruce Schneier - for NZ Internet Task Force
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120503New Zealand String Quartet - BEETHOVEN #3
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120509Reserve Bank of New Zealand Financial Stability Report
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120522Videos for the Ministry of Health - Green Prescriptions
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120524Chorus Connections Event
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120529New Zealand String Quartet - BEETHOVEN #4
http://www.r2.co.nz/2012060720/20 Communications Trust - OLPC XO in NZ Schools ?
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120620EECA-APEC Electric Vehicles Workshop
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120621CreativeNZ - 21st Century Arts Conference - Building Audience Capital
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120627Te Pou - National Outcomes Forum
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120630The Ordination of Bishop Justin Duckworth
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120711Nethui 2012
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120712InternetNZ - AGM (annual General Meeting)
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120802Chorus Connection Network Special 2012
http://www.r2.co.nz/20120816The Big Sing 2012

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